Our purpose is to improve life-outcomes for children with development delays in Bahrain, one family at a time.

Achieving the optimal outcome for a child with developmental delays requires a highly trained and skilled team. This means that good therapy comes at a high cost.

One child could need several hours a day of ABA therapy to achieve her or his maximum outcome. We know families who have more than one child requiring this level of service. For many families, the level of ABA therapy that can make a real difference is simply unaffordable.

Although Bahrainis do have access to universal health coverage in Bahrain, this coverage does not extend to treatment for developmental delays, like autism and related disorders. Furthermore, lower income families are unlikely to have employer-provided private insurance that is extensive enough to cover this cost.

Consequently, the cost of providing the best quality therapy makes this therapy inaccessible to some families who are in most need of it.

Our values

  • The best quality therapy combined with the most caring approach can and will change the lives of developmentally delayed children and their families.
  • All families should have access to this kind of help.
  • We can make a difference, one family at a time.

We change children’s lives by providing financial aid for certified ABA therapy to families who cannot afford it on their own.


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