At Thinkinc Foundation we have one big goal.

We want to make life-changing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) more accessible to children in Bahrain  – regardless of family income level.

ABA* (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy teaches socially significant skills to individuals with behaviour and developmental delays, in order to help them better integrate and fit into society. This therapy should be supervised by a Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). *It is backed by 60 years of research and is the only form of therapy for autism endorsed by the American Academy of Paediatrics.

1 in 68 with autism

The Problem

ABA therapy is available in Bahrain,  remains inaccessible to many, and is needed by more and more children with developmental and behavioural delays.

1-1 therapy expensive

  • There are very limited board certified ABA therapy services in Bahrain.
  • The intensive therapeutic approach requires many hours of one-to-one therapy with highly trained professionals.
  • The more a child with development delays needs help, the more hours of ABA therapy required, and the more unaffordable it is.

Help maximize the life outcomes of our sponsored children.


What We Do

We are a UK charity registered under the name Think Inc Foundation CIO (registered charity number: 1159323). We are based in Bahrain, and are entirely funded by the generosity of our donors.

Main Goals of the Foundation

1.Provide direct sponsorship for certified ABA therapy to children and families in our target population, through:

  • Sponsorship of board certified ABA therapy programs for select children.
  • Sourcing and sponsoring the transition of recipients of Foundation-sponsored ABA therapy to financially sustainable, longer-term solutions that build on the achievements of ABA therapy – such as the sponsorship of a supportive *shadow.
  • Sourcing and sponsoring board certified parent and carer ABA training.
(*A caregiver trained to support a child in a school or home setting and would be in place of some or all 1:1 ABA therapy.)

2. Facilitate and sponsor certified ABA training in low-cost centres in Bahrain who cater to our target population.

3. Help reduce the shame associated with autism and related disorders by raising awareness of the disorders and of ABA and its benefits to encourage families to seek help and to increase community support and understanding.

Achievements in our first year*

In our first financial year, our single activity was the sponsorship of daily 1:1 ABA therapy for two Bahraini children, Narjes and Faisal. Three months after we started sponsorship of Narjes, at the request of her program supervisor, we agreed to add sponsorship for Narjes of three hours a week of SLT therapy, an important complement to her ABA program. The parents of Faisal and Narjes receive training as part of their children’s’ ABA programs, so this activity is consistent with our first main goal.

We believe these are the foundational achievements that will lead to the ability to pursue additional activities aimed at achieving all of our Main Goals.

In 2016, the Foundation established a relationship with an international charity, Global Autism Project, which provides rigorous ABA training to low-cost, under-funded centres for children with autism and related disorders at a low cost. In 2017 we will renew our efforts on this project, focussing on identifying a local, low-cost centre that could qualify for training from Global Autism Project and that would benefit from our financial and administrative support.

Plans for 2017

In 2017, we will make our first steps to developing a relationship with BCBAs who will work with us providing:

  1. Training to non-certified ABA therapists who work in-home,
  2. ABA program supervision to children we sponsor as they transition from exclusive in-centre 1:1 programs, to more natural real-life settings.
  3. Training to parents and caregivers.

In 2017 we also hope to improve our marketing and PR efforts and tools in order to raise the funds we will need to continue to help Narjes and Faisal as well as to undertake these additional initiatives.

* The information on this site reflecting actual achievements (financial and mission oriented) is based on our first year for financial reporting purposes, which is 18 November 2014 (date of inception) through 31 March 2016 (end of first financial year).

This is Narjes celebrating her 5th birthday with her clinical team, mother, and some other children from the center. Learn more about Narjes here.