You can help a child with developmental delays reach maximum potential in one simple step

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In this short video Narjes is celebrating her 5th birthday with her clinical team, mother, and other children at the center where she receives her therapy.

Faisal and Narjes 

In November 2015 we committed to a 1-year minimum sponsorship of Narjes and Faisal. Both children went through our application and selection process and were clear contenders for Thinkinc Foundation help.

Narjes is 5 years old, and was not in school at the time we began to sponsor her. She is now receiving 4 hours of 1:1 ABA therapy per day in addition to speech therapy.

When Narjes began her therapy, she was unable to transition between buildings at the center where she receives her treatment, and her mother had to be present with her. Now, she moves around the center with ease and is independent of her mother for her ABA sessions. The team of therapists who look after her are very happy and impressed with her progress, particularly because she demonstrated capacity for speech sooner than hoped.

Faisal, who is 9 years old, was having difficulties at his special needs school, so his 1:1 ABA therapy has replaced school for him. He needed a highly skilled ABA team to provide data-based instruction to develop the communication and living skills he was not able to acquire in his prior setting.

The current focus of his program is developing the independent living skills that he needs at home and that he will need in adulthood. His clinical team reports that he is making progress.

Faisal and Narjes’ parents receive regular training so that they can continue the children’s ABA therapy at home.

Donate and have a lasting impact on one of these children.

Foundation Costs – how much of your donation goes to the children?

As of June 2016, we are in the process of submitting our first year-end accounts for an independent examination, as required by the UK Charities Commission. For the year ended March 2016, our expenditures (net of therapy costs) were 15% of total revenues.

Our founder is also the founder of Think, the centre where Narjes and Faisal receive their treatment. It is the only center in Bahrain that offers board certified ABA therapy.  Think a 4 year-old business and which consistently has a waiting list, holds 2 spots for Foundation children. Furthermore, Think provides regular administrative support for the Foundation, enabling us to avoid hiring administrative support. Anticipating that 2017 will be Think’s first profitable year, Think will begin donating any profits earned from Narjes and Faisal to the Foundation in the form of discounted services.

The Foundation is entirely volunteer run. This means that our costs are low. And, much of our costs were non-recurring start-up costs.

85% of your donations went straight to helping children.

Future donations will go to helping one of our 2 sponsored children – Narjes & Faisal – or the children who will benefit from the collaboration with Global Autism Project that we are currently working on.

ABA therapy produces incredible results, as is seen over and over again in ABA centers around the world. For these results to be possible there is one crucial element: frequency. The more severe the condition, the higher the frequency of ABA sessions required.

This means that for many families the financial burden of ABA therapy runs into many thousands of dinars a year.

By making a donation, you can help a child who would be deprived of ABA therapy solely because of this financial burden.